Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. In addition to our terms and conditions, we have created this privacy policy in order to explain why we collect your personal information, how it is used and stored, and what your rights or options are regarding the personal information that you share with us. Please take the time to review the following policy, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Collected Information

We collect both personal identifying information and non-personal identifying information in regards to your use of our services and your user account. Personal identifying information is the information that can identify you individually, such as your name, address, passport details, and driving licenses. Non-personal identifying information represents the data that does not identify you specifically but supplies general information about you, such as your location and the type of device you use to access our services, etc. Due to the nature of our services, in addition, we need some health details, as well as (known) allergies and dietary requirements.

A. Personal Identifying Information

We collect personal identifying information to maintain user account security, to process payments, to create user accounts, to address you personally with any questions or comments you may have made directly to us. The information that we collect includes names, telephone numbers, addresses (both residential and email), and any picture that the user chose to upload to our services. This information is collected, stored, and used in ways that we describe within this policy.

B. Non-Personal Identifying Information

Non-personal identifying information is collected for statistical and analytical purposes. We analyze this information to determine activities that can help us improve our services, our website, and assist our customers to navigate our information easier. This is also used to help us determine which features of our services are popular, which type of devices are used most frequently to access our services, and what countries have the most amount of people visiting our website. This information may be shared with third-party companies in order to compile data used for analytical purposes.

How We Use It

The information that we collect is used:

    • To communicate with you regarding any activity performed under your accounts
    • To communicate with you about notices regarding changes to our website or other similar messages
    • To alert you if certain actions need to be taken regarding your account
    • To provide information regarding the services we offer
    • To communicate if you have forgotten your user information such as password and/or login information
    • To help with problems or to respond to your messages
    • To keep track of your activities on our website or app to help prevent unauthorized use, or to detect activities that violate our terms and conditions

Your information may also be used to promote our products and services in the following ways:

    • To inform you about the new deals and special offers, to inform you of current products or services similar to ones that you currently use, or to inform you regarding other products or services that you may be interested
    • To conduct market research in an effort to improve our website
    • To send you advertisements from our third-party affiliates
    • To collect information such as your location in order to provide you with more personalized advertising experience
    • To monitor how you use our services so that we can make our services more valuable to you.

How And Why We Store Your Information

When you enter your details during account set-up, we store that information for later use. By creating an account, you are granting us access to that information as we see fit.

We may offer contests or sweepstakes promotions that we allow our users to be involved in. In some instances, you may need to fill out a survey. If you decide to participate in these contests, we may require some personal information such as your email address or telephone number. All this information will be protected in accordance with our privacy policy.

The users also understand that we use cookies. Cookies are small data files stored in your hard-drive in order to track statistical information such as your computer IP Address, your browsing history, and the type of device used to explore our services. This information is necessary for analytical purposes. You may be able to disable the cookies, but this could affect your use of our services.

How We Share Your Information

The information that you provide us may be shared with some of the affiliate companies we work with in order to provide our services to you. All of the companies that we share your information with have agreed to conform to our privacy policy in order to keep your personal information secure. We share your information with the following entities and for the purposes listed below:

    • Our Service Providers

In order to successfully provide our services, we need to employ outside service providers to perform activities that we cannot handle, such as processing payments. We will share your information such as your name, credit card etc. These service providers are bound to keep your information confidential. We may also employ the services of analytical services, and they are bound under the same conditions as our other affiliates.

    • Law Enforcement or Government Officials

In special circumstances, we may share your personally identifying information to entities such as law enforcement or government officials if they have a proper warrant to collect such information. We may also, at our sole discretion, provide your information to a private party that can help us regarding lawsuits in order for us to respond to the claim. If we feel that we need to give your personal information in order to protect the rights and the integrity of our company or to protect our users, we have the right to do so.  

If we suspect that a user is involved with illegal behavior, we will contact the authorities and provide them with your personal information.

In the event of a company merger or sale, your information may be acquired by the new owner. We reserve the right to share the information that you provide in relation to any contest you enter in order to market or sponsor the event.

If there’s any question regarding the terms and privacy policy, please contact us at

Last update: Mar 24th, 2019