What we do

With more people now seeking experiences with greater independence, we would like to offer our expertise and guidance to plan your big adventure in Africa and build your itinerary with you.

Our mission

Experiencing the circle of life by sitting on a rooftop tent is a unique experience you can only enjoy during a self-drive safari. Since then, self-drive has now become our mission, and we would like to offer our enthusiasm and passion to enjoy the same emotions. Being as close as possible to nature, on the same turf as a lion or an elephant, moving at your pace, deciding on your destination, with no other barriers than a canvas, did change our lives. We have been lucky enough to see both amazing luxury lodges and the remoteness of the wild camps in the Kalahari. We even own a lodge in Tanzania with a group of friends, but if we have the choice, we would choose a self-drive with a tent. Let us help you achieve your ultimate dream!


Why did we decide more than 20 years ago to abandon the classy and expensive lodges, and start traveling self-drive? It all started with our honeymoon. It seems unusual to choose a roof-top tent for a honeymoon. However, we wish every honeymooner to experience the romance of the African sunset from this intimate “suite”.

Exciting moments

Let us tell you just one of the hundred of exciting moments we had. We were in Botswana, one of our favorite countries. After a nice evening by the bush-fire, we decided to go to sleep. We were lying in our tent, when all of a sudden, we heard the footsteps and the rumbles. We guessed it was a hyena, which is very common to hear in the area. However, we did not hear their usual calls, and adrenaline and curiosity started to flow. Whatever it was, it was really close to us, and we were only divided by a canvas. We could not resist, and we opened the tent.

Prepare for the hunt

A beautiful, full moon was shining, and the dark sky was so clear we could see the shadows of the grass on the ground. And here is where the magic happened. Seeing a pride of lions so close to you is an emotion you will never forget. Your perception of the contact with the wildlife will no longer be the same. We clearly saw all the lionesses sleeping, right next to our tent. But the cubs were awake and noisy. While we were looking at them, on the pale skyline behind the trees, we saw the shadow of two giraffes walking towards us. The pride suddenly awoke, everyone still, hearing, and smelling the approaching prey. Then the lionesses started moving very slowly, “talking” to each other with very soft roars, while the noisy cubs disappeared. Really, we don’t know where they could have gone, but we never saw them again that night.

The epilogue

In a few seconds, the lionesses also disappeared from view. Two giraffes kept walking as they hadn’t yet noticed the lions, but when they were very close to our camp, they suddenly became still. Only their heads and nostrils were moving. They were turning their heads anxiously and making some noises in an attempt to discern the direction of the lionesses’ scent. They tried to move one step in one direction or in the other, to identify a movement in the bush where the threat was hidden, but no one could see the lionesses. Long story short, the giraffes managed to escape, the lions slowly returned to our tent, and they rested the whole night with us. What a “treat”!