Plan your Safari

You are ready for a self-drive adventure if:

    • You believe the journey matters more than the destination
    • You like driving
    • You believe that getting lost is an opportunity to discover secret gems
    • You want to travel like a local, and liaise with different cultures
    • You like camping
    • You don’t mind the dirt
    • You don’t need a shower every day
    • You are aware of your limits, and you respect them
    • You have an excellent relationship with your adventure mates
    • Whatever happens, you know you do not have to run!

Escorted / Guided Self-drive Safaris

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Our guided self-drive safaris are the ideal choice for the traveler who wants to experience the most remote areas, with the help and reassurance of a professional guide. Each vehicle has a radio and you will follow the guide in the lead vehicle. You (or your group) will be the only guests. You will play an active role during the day, and the guide will be pleased to teach you the bush skills, the 4×4 driving techniques, and everything you need to enjoy a true overland experience.

Lodge to Lodge

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If you do not like the idea of sleeping in a roof-top-tent, and you prefer the comfort of the lodges after a long day of driving, we will be pleased to organize the logistics for you, and suggest the best possible options aligned to your available time and budget.

What do you need to know before choosing a self-drive safari? If you have checked most of the above points, you’re already on the right track. Then, choose an expert and experienced consultant. Come with us to Africa, enjoying one of the most intense experiences of your life, and at the same time, learn with us the secret for traveling safely.

Safety first!

We are aware of all the many problems that can occur in Africa. The experience of the partners and the logistic bases will guarantee the best risk management. This is why we include satellite phones, free calls to our local manager who is on call 24 hours a day to solve any problem that may arise. We also include flying Doctor services. This means that should you be involved in an accident on the African roads the Air evacuation medical rescue will take place immediately without having to check with your insurer that you have coverage. Last but not least, when you will check in for the vehicle pick up, our local manager will be happy to give you an induction 4×4 training, as well as going in all the details of the itinerary with you, including the road conditions, where you will find food, water, fuel, and ATM as well as a few hints on how to discover the secret spots.


When thinking of a self-drive safari, the very first thing we will ask you is whether you prefer to stay in lodges or campsites. Remote and unfenced camping in areas with lions and elephants around does, of course, need to be treated seriously. We will be happy to share with you a few simple things to keep you safe while enjoying your ultimate adventure. What we normally suggest is a mix between lodges and campsites, and reserve a lodge every three or four days for relaxing, comfortable stay, and meeting with the locals.


Please, talk to us. Ultimately, wildlife is the reason why you are thinking of going to Africa. Spotting the animals yourself is difficult, but with the right hints, you can make it, and it is extremely rewarding.

Vehicle and Comfort

Having a solid and reliable vehicle is the single most important factor to guarantee an enjoyable self-drive safari. The Land Rover and Toyota we normally use have been modified and enhanced to cope with the rough terrain, while at the same time providing you with the comfort you want to have during the safari. The vehicles are fully equipped with all the camping equipment you need, including a fridge, and of course rooftop tents. During the process of getting together, we will be happy to share with you the detailed list of the vehicle equipment and camping gear. Uniquely we have our own insurance policy that covers all our vehicles.


Enjoy a stress-free adventure. We will provide you with a Garmin GPS, and the waypoints for all your itinerary will be pre-loaded, as well as all the point of interest. The coverage for mobile phones is improving on a regular basis. While we have trust in the GPS, and recently the mobile phones, we strongly recommend our clients to familiarize with the paper maps and analyze the itinerary very carefully. During the check-in, we will provide you with a printed package containing vouchers, maps, paperwork for border crossing, and everything else you may need in writing.


The partners we work with do have vehicles fully covered for any eventuality. They are insured by a fully comprehensive insurance fleet policy and for third-party for the countries, you are traveling through. Please note that it is the guest responsibility to have the appropriate travel and medical insurance, and this is a requirement of our bookings. Each vehicle carries an excess. The excess can be reduced for an additional daily fee to reduce your maximum liability in the event of anything happening to the vehicle and/or its equipment while it is in your possession (including damage to tires, windscreen, windows, and lights).

Problems with the vehicle

In the unhappy event of a problem with the vehicle, the small repairs to vehicles like damaged windscreen, tire repairs, or fluid levels can be done en-route as soon as you will find a place to fix the vehicle. If a more serious problem happens, we will make sure to send you a replacement vehicle promptly