Authenticity, essence, and wilderness. Zimbabwe is one of the best wilderness areas. We normally propose a point-to-point adventure in which you will start in Livingstone with the Victoria Falls, you will go into Zimbabwe and you will then finish in Botswana. The political situation in Zimbabwe is now getting back to normal, and it is safe to travel. Tourists are few and prices are competitive, but the main parks are still cared for and well worth visiting.

Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is not to be missed. The area’s temperate climate is characterized by a dry season (April to October) and a wet season (November to March). The drier months are cool to warm, although the temperature goes up in advance of the rains. In the wetter months, the temperature climbs to an afternoon average of around 30°C/86°F, but high levels of humidity make it hard to bear. This is the reason why we do advise to choose this journey in the dry season between May and October.

Depending on your desire, we will be happy to choose for you the best campsites and lodges.