Lion Yoga Retreat
with Turiya Summer

Ndutu Safari Lodge - Tanzania


November 24th – December 2nd, 2021


Per person, starting from

    • 6,000 USD – 15 guests
    • 6,400 USD – 10 guests
    • 6,700 USD – 8 guests

Offer is subject to Terms & Conditions 

Turiya Summer

Turiya Summer Mistretta is your Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching yoga, and movement & healing arts for over 15 years, in settings as diverse as yoga studios, schools, gyms, private retreats, festivals & venues across the United States and abroad, and yoga training for teachers. 

Turiya has a powerful ability to inspire and nourish students of all levels with exactly what is needed to meet them where they are at and take them to their next level, all with blessed ease, grace, and joy! 

Experience the adventure of a lifetime while also opening your heart, releasing all stress and tension in your body, mind, and spirit while revolutionizing your practice, well-being, and life on all levels. 

What a better location than Ndutu Safari Lodge for disrupting the everyday routine and connecting with the ancestral rhythms of the Sun and the pristine wildlife African wildlife.

Ndutu Safari Lodge

Valentina e Antonio, the founders of v-adventures are co-owners at Ndutu Safari Lodge. It’s our home far from home, in the heart of the Great Migration. As the wildebeest follow the rains and return to these magnesium-rich grasses, an enormous hive of activity is remarkable to watch. 

Ndutu Safari Lodge is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the edge of the Southern Serengeti plains filled with acacia trees and wide views across Lake Ndutu. Our Lodge comprises thirty-four comfortable stone and thatch en-suite cottages beside relaxed convivial dining, sitting, and bar area all overlooking the ever-changing view of Lake Ndutu.

December is in our Predator Season. Our Lodge is a favorite of expert guides, scientists, and biologists for its high numbers of cats including lion, leopard, cheetah, civet, serval, wild cat, and caracal. The resident predators are territorial and so once they have had their young they remain at Ndutu in the local marsh areas which stay wet all year round and are an essential fresh water source for the herbivores, therefore, attracting predators.  The wonderful thing about doing a game drive during this dry season is that the behaviors of these animals are more visible due to the lack of vegetation. 

Ndutu offers peace, tranquillity, and exceptional wildlife viewing throughout the year.

Included services

    • A tailor-made itinerary for your Yoga & Safari experience
    • Airport transfers as stated in the itinerary
    • Local flights as stated in the detailed itinerary
    • Coffee Estates tour in Arusha
    • Two daily yoga sessions, at Ndutu Safari Lodge, for 6 days
    • One daily safari, at Ndutu Safari Lodge, for 6 days
    • One full-day safari in the Serengeti National Park to Seronera & (*) covid testing
    • Game drive safaris with private (for the Yoga Guests) vehicles and guides/drivers
    • All accommodation and meals as stated in the detailed itinerary
    • Parks and Conservation fees as stated in the detailed itineraries
    • Covid testing before departure from Tanzania, at Seronera Serengeti facility
    • Travel documentation and information
    • Welcome package: yoga mat, bottle, Maasai blanket
    • VAT
    • Tanzania Tourism Levies
    • Tanzania Flying Doctor Assistance. AMREF, Maisha Silver Plan

Included Fees

    • Ngorongoro National Park: 59.00 USD per person per day
    • Ngorongoro Conservation Administrative Area: 71.00 USD per person per day
    • Serengeti National Park: (only one in the covid-test day) 71.00 USD per person per day

Trip extensions - available upon request

Ngorongoro Crater

The UNESCO Paradise Lost.

Starting from 2 nights.

Serengeti National Park

The land of the Great Migration.

Starting from 3 nights.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

19,341 ft (5,885 m), the highest summit in Africa.

Starting from 7 nights.

Zanzibar Island

The spice, pirates, and slave merchants’ island. Today one of the most popular beach destinations in Africa.

Starting from 4 nights.


Ndutu Safari Lodge is children-friendly.

Conservation Projects. Ndutu Safari Lodge supports: