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Kope Lion - Ngorongoro

At v-adventures and at our Ndutu Safari Lodge we are proud partners of this organization. Join us, supporting Kope Lion, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

What is Kope Lion?

KopeLion, comprised of local experts and international scientists, employs former lion hunters to actively protect the remaining lions and reduce conflicts. Our work builds upon data collected over the last 50 years, representing the best-known, best-studied lions in the world. This offers the unique opportunity to measure the effects of our efforts on a population of lions, studied for generations.

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What does Kope Lion do?

KopeLion strives for sustainable human-lion coexistence in the the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a multi-use landscape.

    • Community engagement
    • Research 
    • Education and Communication
    • Film Projects


    • Lion Demography Monitoring
    • Lion Movement
    • Lion Genetics
    • Lion Occupancy – Camera trapping
    • Lion Presence – lion spoors Predator – Livestock Interaction and Impact

Why supporting Kope Lion?

The lion – a symbol of wild Africa – is threatened. Across much of Africa, lions are in dramatic decline. Now, even the world’s most iconic king of the beasts – the Ngorongoro lions – are in danger.

KopeLion strives to foster human-lion coexistence in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Here intensifying human-wildlife conflicts has been tough on the lions. In the last decades, the lions have begun to disappear entirely from their former ranges, separating the famous Ngorongoro Crater lions from the Serengeti. The area’s mission for harmonious coexistence is collapsing, with both people and wildlife losing out. KopeLion was founded in 2011 with the aim to change this trend. By working directly with residents, KopeLion strives for sustainable human-lion coexistence in Ngorongoro for the benefit of both people and lions.

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What YOU can do?

Get involved and live the experience!

At our Ndutu Safari Lodge, we have selected guides who will make you live with our lions.  Who are our lions? Click here to know more!

At the same time, you can meet the Kope Lion team for a genuine education experience in conservation on the field. Click here to learn more about the Kope Lion Team.

Special Offers

$100 discount with a $50 donation

$500 discount with a +$100 donation

The offers are applicable to the following trips

+7 nights LION SAFARI Experience

With a 5-night Full-Inclusive stay at our Ndutu Safari Lodge

+7 nights LION PHOTO- SAFARI Experience

5-night Full-Inclusive stay at our Ndutu Safari Lodge with the exclusive guide of a Professional Wildlife Photographer

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Offer’ conditions

    • Proof of donation: donate here, and email your receipt to info@v-adventures. com
    • Selected trips with departure before December 15th, 2021
    • Unique offer (not to be cumulated with other v-adventures’ specials or offers)

Included services

    • + 7-day Full-Inclusive trip, with daily lion safari experiences
    • Private safari vehicle and guide/driver
    • 2 nights in Arusha with coffee estate guided tour
    • Local flights or discovery road transfer to our lodge
    • Gov. park and concession fees ($50+$71 per person, per day)
    • Tanzania Flying Doctor Assistance. AMREF, Maisha Silver Plan

Optional extensions to your trip

Ngorongoro Crater

The UNESCO’s Paradise Lost – Starting from 2 nights

Serengeti National Park

The land of the Great Migration – Starting from 3 nights

Mt Kilimanjaro

(19,341 ft, 5885 m), the highest summit in Africa  – Starting from 7 days

Zanzibar Island

The spice, pirates, and slave merchant island, today one of the most popular beach destinations in Africa – Starting from 4 nights

Where does Kope Lion operate?

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The Ngorongoro landscape is unique, renowned for its spectacular natural beauty in a landscape with vast grass-plains, volcanic highlands, dense mountain forests, archaeological and cultural values, including the evolution of man and a present-day traditional pastoralist system impressive wildlife populations, including the great migration. Perhaps the biggest symbol for this landscape is the Ngorongoro lion.

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Who is the Kope Lion team?

KopeLion’s dedicated team is a group of passionate people, most residents of Ngorongoro.

Kope Lion works together with twenty Ilchokuti, or Lion Guardians, well-respected members of their community who track the lions on the ground daily to warn the herders where the lion are in their vicinity, preventing unnecessary conflict. They also assist in finding lost livestock and repair and strengthen the fences protecting the livestock at night.

Ilchokutis are fully field-based. Each of them is responsible for a 60-120 square-km large zone where they also live.

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Stay in touch, and support. Kope Lion, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Join your v-adventures trip in Tanzania and meet the Kope Lion Team!