Death Valley and Black Rock Desert

Remoteness at its best

Areas of Interest

Stark in appearance and haunting in name, Death Valley is a very-much-alive desert set between high, snow-capped mountains. The name doesn’t do justice to the vibrancy of Death Valley—the mysteries of the life sustained in this arid and isolated landscape capture the attention of adventurers.

The Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area is 799,000 acres as a National Conservation Area (NCA). Congress created these special areas specifically to protect 180 miles of historic emigrant trails used by pioneers to travel from the Eastern States to Oregon and California in the mid-1800s. Also protected is the surrounding landscape of rugged mountains and high desert that is largely unchanged since those early days of national expansion. Panoramic landscape forged by the forces of nature along the historic trails offers visitors vast areas of solitude in which to reestablish ancestral ties to the natural world.


    • Overview of your holiday

From Las Vegas, you will either pick up your rental vehicle, or drive your own, and start with an exciting exploration of America’s lowest, hottest, and driest national park: Death Valley. We will then drive north and we will take you to visit the Black Rock Desert and experience the true vastness of the open desert. Our itinerary concludes in San Francisco, where you will have the chance to visit this fantastic city, and finally drop off your vehicle, or choose a trip extension.

    • Your adventure in brief

      • Day 1: from Las Vegas to California
      • Days 2-5: Death Valley. Dunes, desert, pans, hot springs
      • Day 6: California to Nevada
      • Days 7-11: the Black Rock Desert. Desert and hiking trails in the Far West landscapes
      • Day 12: from Nevada to San Francisco
    • Adventure-style and options

Depending on your comfort level in driving offroad, and in the capabilities on your stock or modified 4×4 vehicle, we adapt the itinerary and/or recommend one of our experienced guides.

Available options: 

    • 4×4 car rental
    • Guide
    • Ground or RTT (Roof Top Tent)
    • Camping gear
    • CookDay 

Photo credit: Yuval Levy, Roan Lavery, and v-adventures